Domain Life Cycle



Auto Renewal Period (max 45 Days)
  • Auto Renewal Period, 35 days (or depend on Registrar’s Policy)from the expiration date of the domain;
  • Domain status: renew period
  • During the period, the domain can still be extended;
Redemption Period (30 Days)
  • Redemption Period, 30 days from the termination date of auto renewal period. (domain expiration date + 35 days auto renew period + 30 days redemption period)
  • Domain status: pending delete;
  • Domain cannot be accessed and has been deleted by system. During the period of 30 days, the domain can only be activated/extended again by the “restore” process with additional fees+penalty = 400% of normal fee; by applying the request for restoring to the Registrar.
Pending Delete (7 Days)
  • Pending Delete, 7 days from the date of termination of the redemption period. (domain expiration date + 35 days auto renewal period + 30 days redemption period + 7 days pending delete)
  • At this stage, there is no possibility for domain owners to extend (renew or restore). Domain will be available for every registrant after the termination of the 7 days pending delete period. Domain registration through first come first served terms like a new domain registration.