About Registrar

A company or an entity who accepting the Domain Name registration. A Registrar for Indonesian Domain Name must be accredited by PANDI as Registry in Indonesia.

List of Registrars

Registrar of PANDI

Kilat Domain
Aksara Data Digital
Daftar Nama
CBN Registar
Digital Registra
Indosat M2
Bisa Online
ID CloudHost
Biznet Gio
INA 17
Dewa Biz
Jagoan Hosting

ISP Registrar


Military Registrar

Mabes TNI

Government Registrar


Signing up as Registrar

Administration and Legal
  1. The Applicant must give correctly, accurately and completely information.
  2. The Applicant must give Applicant’s Full Name.
  3. The Applicant must attach Applicant’s Business Entity Name.
  4. The Applicant must  attach appropriate domicile based on Identity Card or Letter of Domicile.
  5. The Applicant must attach the Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).
  6. The Applicant must attach Brand certificate or Wished trade name to be used, Copy of Deed of Establishment, Ratification Sheet of Ministry of Law and Human Right, Copy of Business Permit, Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Copy of Letter of Domicile.
  7. The Applicant must attach correspondency address of the Applicant, this Address will be used for mailing communication purpose.
  8. The Applicant must attach Telephone Number, Email Address which is used for communication Purpose.
  9. The Applicant must attach server address and business entity address which can be viewed by PANDI for accreditation purpose.
  10. The Applicant must attach the full name, contact information, and whole position of directors, managers, and employees and the Applicant guarantee that PANDI can check the listed person.
  11. The Applicant is not in the middle of civil lawsuit process or Bankcruptcy which may cause to the cessation of Applicant’s business.
  12. The Applicant or Applicant’s business entity is not in the blacklist of governmental contractor.
  13. The Applicant or mentioned person in the application must not affiliated with other PANDI’s accredited Registrar, Directors or Employees of PANDI.
  14. The Applicant must have URL domain business of Indonesian DTD/DTT
  15. If there is any information change mentioned in the Application, the Applicant must notify by written immediately to PANDI
  16. The Applicant must prove and guarantee that the Applicant has capability and legal authority to:
    • a Filling and submitting the application
    • b. make whole disclosures, giving permission and fulfill written obligation in the terms and conditions; and
    • c bound in Registrar Acreditation Agreement with PANDI if the application is accepted.
  17. The Applicant understand that PANDI does not accept application which have been done by personal individual or individual business entity, PANDI will reject this Application without any refund of registration fee.
  18. The Application of Registrar accreditation must be given in determined format by PANDI and determined in PANDI’s policies.
  19.  The Applicant acknowledge that PANDI must conform to all laws and regulations in Republic of Indonesia.
  20. The Applicant must cooperate fully to PANDI during checking period by PANDI and giving access of Employees and Stock Holders, documents, and relevant notes for accreditation process to PANDI.
    1. To comply the Registration of Accreditation, Applicant must fulfill the specified requirements by PANDI, pay the Application Fee, Deposit Fee, and the Annual Accreditation Fee. Applicant must provide correctly, accurately, and completely information.
    2. Applicant agrees to pay the non-refundable Application Fee amount IDR 25,000,000 (twenty five million rupiah).
    3. The Applicant may withdraw its registration through announcement letter to PANDI, without any refund of fees.
    4. If the Applicant resubmits the application after the withdrawal, the Applicant will be classified as new Applicant and must follow the registration process in accordance with the provisions.
    5. Applicant who passed the Accreditation must provide a reliable document (Bank Security, Bank Guarantee and other similar documents) which showing the capability of the Applicant to give amount deposit of IDR 100,000,000.
    6. Applicant must make a Statement Letter regarding willingness and capability of the Applicant to substitute financial lost if the third party comply a lawsuit relate to the activities of the Applicant as Registrar.
    7. Applicant must pay an annual Accreditation fee amount of IDR 10.000.000- (ten million) before taxes, levies and other charges.
    8. If the annual accreditation fee has due date, the Registrar must pay the late payment interest amount of 1.5% per month.
    9. The Top Up deposit minimum addition amount of IDR 25,000,000 (twenty five million rupiah).
    10. Every Payment fee must be transferred to:
    • Every payment of accreditation fee and deposit must be transferred to the following account: BCA KCU Pondok Indah, Wisma BCA Pondok Indah, Jl. Metro Pondok Indah No. 10, Jakarta 12310. Acc. No. : 2918887771, account name: Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia
    1. Applicant confirms the payment receipt via email finance[at]pandi.id.
    2. Applicant registers and fills the registration form of Registrar Candidate at https://registrar.pandi.id.
Technical and Operational

1. Applicant must have infrastructures at least:

  • 2 servers of Database and Application.
  • 1 server of Email and Web.
  • 2 DNS servers.
  • Servers and datacenters are located in the regional Republic of Indonesia.
  • Bandwidth at least 2 Mbps 1: 1

2. Applicant must have a Registrar Application accordance with PANDI’s policy.

3. The Applicant’s main Domain Name must have an active DNSSec, and Registrar Application must supports DNSSec management and have experts who mastered on DNSSec.

4. Applicant must have experts at least:

  • 2 persons in technical.
  • 1 person in finance.
  • 1 person in promotion.

5. Applicant must ensure that their services are safe and rate about 99%.

6. Applicant must have official policies, standards and procedures in Registrar’s operational and system security.

7. Applicant must have a Registrar’s system data backup.

8. Applicant must guarantee the protection of personal data in accordance with the legislation and policy of PANDI.

9. Applicant must have plan to transfer the domain name to another Registry or Registrar if the Applicant is unable to continue the management of domain names.

10. Applicant must register for the Electronic System Operator in the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Republic of Indonesia at least less than 1 (one) month after being accredited as a Registrar at PANDI.

If the Applicant also provide domain name registration services besides .id, the Applicant must put DTT and DTD .id on the top of the display in the domain name’s offering at the business sites belong to the Applicant.

  1. The Applicant may ask exception for listed requirement in the Accreditation Requirements and/or Accreditation Agreement with attaching exception reason in the Application.
  2. The Exception Reason in point 1 can only accepted by consideration of PANDI, PANDI can fully accept or reject the exception reason.
  3. PANDI can reject the application including but not limited with these reason:
    • a  Proven there is inappropriate, inaccurate and incomplete information;
    • b  The Applicant is not a business entity of PT or CV;
    • c  The Applicant infringe against the accreditation requirements;
    • d  There is negligence from the Applicant in sending/uploading identity information, supported document and proof of paymentT;
    • e  The Applicant is legally known forbidden to have business activity as Registrar.
  4. All that have not been stated in the provision refers to the “Guideline of Anything.ID Domain Registration, PANDI regulations of PANDI, Laws and Regulation of Republic of Indonesia.
  5. PANDI entitled to change the content of Requirements if needed.