Registrar Registration

  1. Administrative and Legal
    1. Applicant must provide correct, accurate, and complete information.
    2. Applicant must provide the Applicant’s Full Name.
    3. Applicant must include the name of the Applicant’s Business Entity.
    4. Applicant must be able to include the domicile in accordance with the identity card or the Certificate of Domicile.
    5. Applicant must attach Tax Identification Number.
    6. Applicant must include the Brand Certification or attach the trade names you want to use, copy of the Deed of Company Establishment, the Validity Letter from Ministry of Law and Human Rights, copy of SIUP, copy of Tax Identification Number, copy of Certificate of Domicile
    7. Applicant must enclose the correspondence address of the Applicant. This address will be used for the purpose of correspondence.
    8. Applicant must attach a phone number, and email address on where the Applicant can be contacted for the purpose of communication.
    9. Applicant must specify the server address and a permanent address that can be visited by PANDI for accreditation purposes.
    10. Applicant must state the full name, contact information, and position of all the directors, managers and employees and ensure that PANDI can investigate the people listed.
    11. Applicant is not in the process of civil lawsuits or bankruptcy that may result in the cessation of the Applicant’s business.
    12. Applicant or the Applicant’s business entity is not included in the black list of government contractors.
    13. Applicant or others mentioned in the application should not have any affiliation with other PANDI’s accredited Registrars, and the Board of Directors or employees of PANDI.
    14. Applicant must have a business domain URL with the Indonesian Second Level Domain/Top Level Domain (DTD/DTT).
    15. If there are any changes in the information contained in the application, the Applicant shall notify PANDI in writing as soon as possible.
    16. Applicant must demonstrate and ensure that the Applicant has the capabilities and has the legal authority to:
      1. complete and submit the registration;
      2. make the whole disclosure, give permit and fulfill the obligations written in these terms and conditions; and
      3. involve in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement with PANDI if the application is accepted.
    17. Applicant understands that PANDI does not accept the submission made for a private individual or an individual’s business entity, PANDI will reject the application made by private individuals without any refund.
    18. Registrar accreditation application must be submitted in the format specified by PANDI and set in PANDI’s Policy.
    19. Applicant acknowledges that PANDI must comply with all laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.

    Applicant must fully cooperate with PANDI during the period of examination by PANDI and give PANDI access to employees and shareholders, documents and records relevant to the accreditation process.

  2. Financial
    1. To join the Registration of Accreditation, Applicant must meet the requirements specified by PANDI, pay the Application Fee, Deposit Fee, and the Annual Accreditation Fee. Applicant must provide correct, accurate, and complete information.
    2. Applicant agrees to pay the non-refundable Application Fee of IDR 20,000,000 (twenty million).
    3. The Applicant may withdraw its registration by written notice to PANDI, with no refund of any fees.
    4. If the Applicant resubmits the application after a withdrawal, the Applicant will be treated as a new Applicant and must follow the registration process in accordance with the provisions.
    5. Applicant who passes the Accreditation must provide a reliable document (Bank Security, Bank Guarantee and other similar documents) which shows the ability of the Applicant to make a deposit of IDR 100,000,000.
    6. Applicant must make a Statement Letter regarding the willingness and ability of the Applicant to replace financial losses in the event of any third party claim related to the activities of the Applicant as Registrar.
    7. Applicant must pay an annual Accreditation fee amounting to IDR 10,000,000,- (ten million) before taxes, levies and other charges.
    8. If the annual accreditation fee has matured, the Registrar must pay interest on late payment of 1.5% per month.
    9. The number minimum addition of Deposit (top-up) is amounting to IDR 25,000,000 (twenty five million rupiah).
    10. Payment of the required fees is by bank transfer to:
    • Every payment of accreditation fee and deposit are made through the following account: BCA KCU Pondok Indah, Wisma BCA Pondok Indah, Jl. Metro Pondok Indah No. 10, Jakarta 12310. Acc. No. : 2918887771, account name: Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia
    1. Applicant confirms the payment receipt via email finance[at]
    2. Applicant registers and fills in the registration form of Registrar Candidate at
  3. Technical and Operational

    Applicant must have some minimum infrastructures as follows:

    2 servers of Database and Application.

    1 server of Email and Web.

    2 DNS server.

    Servers and datacenters are located in the Republic of Indonesia.

    Bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps 1: 1

    Applicant must have a Registrar Application in accordance with PANDI’s policy.

    The Applicant’s main Domain Name must have an active DNSSec, and Registrar Application must already supports DNSSec management and have experts who master DNSSec.

    Applicant must have some experts as follows:

    2 persons in technical.

    1 person in finance.

    1 person in promotion.

    Applicant must ensure that their services are safe and have a service level of 99%.

    Applicant must have official policies, standards and procedures in Registrar’s operational and system security.

    Applicant must have a Registrar’s system data backup.

    Applicant must guarantee the protection of personal data in accordance with the legislation and policy of PANDI.

    Applicant must have a plan to transfer the domain name to another Registry or Registrar if the Applicant is unable to continue the management of domain names.

    Applicant must register for the Electronic System Operator in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Republic of Indonesia no later than 1 (one) month after being accredited as a Registrar at PANDI.

    If the Applicant also provide domain name registration services other than .id, then the Applicant should put DTT and DTD .id on the top of the display in the domain name’s offering at the business sites belong to the Applicant.

  4. Other

    Applicant may request an exemption to the Accreditation Requirements above and/or Accreditation Agreements by stating the reasons for exemption in the Application.

    Reasons for Exemptions in point 1 above may only be accepted upon PANDI’s consideration, and PANDI is fully entitled to accept or reject the exemption stated.

    PANDI can reject the application, including but not limited to the following reasons:

    There are information that are not correct, accurate and complete;

    Applicant is not a business entity by PT or CV;

    Applicant has breached the terms of this accreditation;

    Applicant has negligent in sending/uploading identity information, supporting documents and proof of payment;

    Applicant is known to be legally prohibited from conducting business as Registrar.

    Everything that has not been contained in this provision will refer to the “Guidance of Domain Registration Anything.ID”, PANDI’s regulations, and the Laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
    PANDI has the right to change the contents of the Requirements if deemed necessary.

  5. The Registrar Accreditation Documents